Information for Delivery Dates

In the case of payment by bank transfer, the delivery process begins on the day after payment arrives in the recipient's account. In the case of other payment types, the delivery process begins on the day that the order is made. The order will expire after the last day of the payment deadline. Should the last day of the payment deadline fall on a Saturday, Sunday or local national holiday, this day is allocated to the next working day.

Delivery and Shipment costs in Germany:

The prices listed online include the legal tax rates and other price components. Additional to the delivery prices displayed, for deliveries within Germany we include a number of options:

Delivery Option: DPD Postage (up to DIN A4, maximum weight 160g)
Price per number of items:

Up to 3 items = 2,40 €

Up to 12 items = 4,90 €

Up to 20 items = 8,90 €

For more items, a greater weight or oversize items, the delivery option "DHL Packet" is displayed.


Delivery Option: DPD Package (from DIN A1 to 10kg)
Price per number of items (or -- for canvas only -- price per number of linear metres):

Up to 10 items (or, up to 10 metres of canvas) = 6,90 €

Up to 20 items (or, up to 20 metres) = 8,90 €

Up to 30 items (or, up to 30 metres) = 11,90 €

Up to 40 items (or, up to 40 metres) = 14,90 €

Up to 50 items (or, up to 50 metres) = 17,90 €

Up to 60 items (or, up to 60 metres) = 20,90 €

Up to 70 items (or, up to 70 metres) = 23,90 €

Up to 80 items (or, up to 80 metres) = 26,90 €

For higher numbers of items, heavier orders or oversize orders, delivery is organised through our inhouse service or with Spedition.

For further information, contact 030/51059990 or email


Delivery option: Transport Special

15 € (30 € for orders worth more than 1000 €)

Primed canvas cannot be folded. For this reason, a separate form of transport is used for primed cottons and linens with a width of 1,75 metres or more. (Primed canvas on a roll with a width of less than 1,75 metres can be sent as a DHL package.)


Delivery option: Spedition

30 €


For mixed orders, the most optimal common delivery option is applied. For example, if the option 'DPD Postage' is only possible for some items, but not for others, heavier items on the order, all items to be ordered will be allocated the next higher delivery option 'DPD Package'. Similarly, when at least one item is large or heavy enough to be allocated the delivery option 'Spedition', all items will also be allocated this category, even though only one flatrate fee of 30€ will apply for the delivery of the order.

We deliver to other countries on request. For further information, contact 030/51059990 or email

Delivery costs will be clearly displayed at all times on product pages, in the shopping cart system and at the order checkout.

Dear Berlin customers,

for orders above 100,00€ we offer free delivery throughout Berlin. If you would like to know beforehand whether or not you are within our range, please use any of the usual navigation websites and check if your delivery address is within a distance of 15km to our shop (Gottschedstr. 26, 13357 Berlin). If not so, we will add a surcharge proportional to the extra distance.

We deliver right to your doorstep, but if you need help with carrying your order further disctances, just turn to our drivers for help. They will gladly accept tips in case you need them to climb some stairs with heavy load.

When you order for more than 100,00€ from Berlin via our website, please give us some minutes and we will automatically email you a new offer excluding the shipping costs.


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