Wooden Cross Braces

K 40 / K 45 (1,8x4,5cm)

Our stretchers are made of seasoned pine. Well-crafted, and at an affordable price.

K 45 cross braces are suitable for both K 40 as well as K 45 stretchers.

Depending on length, cross braces either have no slot (shorter than 60 cm in length), only one slot (starting from 60 cm) or 2 slots (from 2m). Accordingly, cross braces should be structured that slots fit into one another, forming a cross and stabilizing the stretcher. Matching slits are incorporated into the stretcher bars, in order to anchor the ends of each cross brace.  

from 60 cm length
one slot,
i.e. one cross:
from 2 m length
two slots,
i.e. two crosses:

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