Watercolor Paper



The history of the brand "Arches" begins in 1492. At that time, several paper makers came together, who worked around the community Arches in the south of Epinal.

The Arches paper mills were to produce high quality products for the most famous and beautiful works of art of that time. The mill produced incunabula (the name that was used at the beginning of the printing system for the word "books"), including the "Gutenberg Yearbook" by Dürer. The "Description of Egypt" by Napoleon I. is printed on Arches paper.

Since 1492, Arches ® stands for high quality artist papers. Made of pure cotton by traditional manufacturing methods, these products have a natural grain similar to handmade paper. Due to this process a dimensionally stable paper emerges which scarcely buckles - even when flooded with water - thanks to its well-interwoven cotton fibers. The paper "Arches ® Aquarelle" also has an extraordinary sizing with natural gelatine. This giving paper offers an unparalleled resistance to scratching and excellent reproduction of colors.

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