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Peters Art Online Shop: Textile dyes and printing inks

Textile water-based paints from Vallejo include a wide range of bright, opaque and durable colors. A special resin can be used to maintain the soft feel of the material even after application of the paint. The fabric colors are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Water-based silkscreen printing inks can also be used for textile printing.

Best results are achieved on natural fibers (cotton, linen), but the paints can also be applied on synthetic fibers with excellent results. Due to the different properties of synthetic fabrics, a color and wash test is advisable before starting work. Coated and surface-treated fabrics should be washed before use.

Permaprint Premium are water-based screen printing inks and therefore can be used as ink. Solvents do not need to be added. The inks are suitable for silkscreen printing on sealed paper, cardboard, Tyvek, stickers, posters, metal and plastic.

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