Oil Paints


Prices for GOLDEN Williamsburg Oil Paints reduced by 20%!

GOLDEN Oil colors - Williamsburg Oils: well-known, hand-made High Quality

The company Golden Artist Colors is actually a producer of acrylic paints, but it also took over the company Williamsburg Oil in spring 2010, after its founder Carl Plansky had passed away in October 2009. Carl Plansky was obsessed with oil paints and began in the 1980s in a small apartment in Williamsburg, New York City, producing paints by hand, originally only for himself and his friends. But interest in this wonderful handmade colors grew so strong that a deal came of it.

The colours are still handmade, meaning that even today, only small quantities are produced in one production step in order to maintain Williamsburg's particular quality. Williamsburg Oil paints are used by many renowned artists.

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