Acrylic Paints

Old Holland New Masters

Old Holland New Masters

After extensive consultations with professional artists and many tests in different countries, Old Holland has developed at end of 2005 a series of 168 New Masters Classic Acrylics, consisting of opaque and transparent non-fading colors. These are produced without additives and fillers with a maximum possible pigment content and the lowest possible color difference between wet and dry color.

In response to the current demand Old Holland has added a wide variety of metal, pearlescent, iridescent and 'interferance' colors, based on the same old acrylic resin. All these colors show excellent light-fastness, which has long been associated with the name of Old Holland. Due to the high pigment density and the patented binding system, each color displays the unique characteristics of the individual pigment. The paint dries to a satin sheen and can be used in various techniques, from thick impasto-style application to a very thin glaze.

A wide range of diversely structured matte, glossy, thickening or pearlescent mediums has also been developed to complement the color series and to expand the possibilities of the artist when it comes to imagination and development, as well as daily work.

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