Sirius Primary Colors

Lascaux Sirius Primary Colours

A holistic color experience

Color mixing is a basic human need and at the same time a basis creativity experience. It should therefore be easy to carry out and give a bright, wide range of colors. So the creative expression and the joy need to be promoted on mixing. Both are guaranteed with the Sirius Primary System. Its 5 primary colors are balanced in that they produce luminous, clear and lively mixed shades.

Primary colors as the basis

High-quality pigments and binders, along with precise alignment and harmonizing of the hues, create the material foundation of this color system. The Sirius Primary System is based upon 5 primary colors: magenta, red, yellow, cyan and ultramarine. The vibrant neutral black is mixed from the 5 primary colors in equal parts. An additional Sirius White makesff the system perfect.

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