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Lascaux Aquacryl

A translucent paint of artist's quality that combines two worlds: they can be processed as an acrylic paint, but transparent and light as water color. Lascaux Aquacryl is the modern reformulation of classical watercolor. It is also suitable for traditional watercolor painting as for transparent paint applications on large image formats. Lascaux Aquacryl is available in a balanced range of 24 colors, including 8 pure transparent ferrous oxides, which are offered in convenient dispenser bottles.

  • highly pigmented
  • non-fading, aging and yellowing
  • highly concentrated and extremely economical
  • transparent and bright
  • easily dissolvable when dry
  • results in a dull, breathing surface
  • Artistic and decorative area
  • for various painting techniques
  • ideal for murals, in particular glazes

Lascaux Aquacryl can be applied with brush, airbrush and other painting tools directly or in any dilution; not only on watercolor paper but on virtually any absorbent, rigid and flexible materials. The drying up takes place velvety matt at whatever concentration, keeping color depth and color intensity unchanged. Thin layers dry up in such a way that the next one is painted over without solving the underlying colors. On the other hand even heavier layers of paint can be partially dissolved and washed out.

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