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GOLDEN Opaque Airbrush Colors

The Opaque Airbrush line meets the highest professional standards for the use of spray guns or brushes. Opaque, high-intense colors are obtained, used in particular for illustrative and artistic purposes.

GOLDEN Opaque Airbrush color is a 100% water-based acrylic emulsion produced only using lightfast pigments. Hence comes the ease of processing and high durability. The acrylic binder provides excellent chemical resistance and produces a durable film, which is unaffected by water, even ammonia.

GOLDEN Airbrush Transparent Colors

Transparent Airbrush colors allow extensive control in the formation of the color intensity. Techniques that want to realize shades, smooth transitions and flesh tones, will benefit from the ease of application. In this sense, the Opaque line is completed by the Transparent line.

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